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Jahresliste 2004

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  1   Cover-BrianWilson-Smile.jpg (xpx)   Brian Wilson: "Smile"
  2   Cover-Finn-Everyone.jpg (xpx)   The Finn Brothers: "Everyone Is Here"
  3   Cover-TSOOL-Origin1.jpg (xpx)   The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: "Origin Vol. 1"
  4   Cover-Dunger-Here.jpg (xpx)   Nicolai Dunger: "Here's My Song. You Can Have It... I Don't Want It Anymore /Yours 4-ever"
  5   Cover-Lauderdale-Headed.jpg (xpx)   Jim Lauderdale: "Headed For The Hills"
  6   Cover-Penelope-PaleGreen.jpg (xpx)   Penelope Houston: "The Pale Green Girl"
  7   Cover-Weller-Studio150.jpg (xpx)   Paul Weller: "Studio 150"
  8   Cover-AllisonMoorer-Duel.jpg (xpx)   Allison Moorer: "The Duel"
     (Sugar Hill) 
  9   Cover-MinnieDriver-Pocket.jpg (xpx)   Minnie Driver: "Everything I've Got In My Pocket"
  10   Cover-LuckyJim-OurTroubles.jpg (xpx)   Lucky Jim: "Our Troubles End Tonight"
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