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Titel Eight Miles High
Komposition Gene Clark, David Crosby, Roger McGuinn, 1966
Originalinterpret The Byrds
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Info Calling this psychedelia's greatest pop moment will probably ignite a shitstorm from the peanut gallery, but what the hell, I'll say it anyway. Normal adjectives like "serpentine" do violence to the guitar playing on "Eight Miles High"; 12 strings manage to snare John Coltrane modal chaos, Indian ragas, and chiming bucolic folk. Not bettered by the (very fine) Hüsker Dü cover, even for those like me who prefer their freakouts to sound like heavy weather. --Jess Harvell
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Gefundene Versionen
Interpret Titel Label/Jahr Platz
The Byrds "Fifth Dimension" Columbia, 1966
Golden Earring "Eight Miles High" Polydor, 1969
The Byrds "(Untitled)" Columbia, 1970
Leo Kottke "Mudlark" Capitol, 1971