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Titel Greta On The Ocean
Komposition Michael Mann, 2020
Originalinterpret Waiting For Louise
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Greta’s on the ocean, she’s sailing to the land of money
Greta’s on the ocean
The scary helicopters - are following everywhere
But she don’t even seem to care

Sailing on, sailing to the land of money
Sailing On
Sailing on, to deal with scum is not that funny
But don’t let the headwind,
don‘t let the headwind bring you down

The man in the control room - working on his secret plan
Alone in his control room
His glory days are over; he doesn’t even seem to notice
That he will soon be washed away

Sailing On …

Young man in his hotrod - taking it quite personally
Young man in his hotrod
As if the girl is trying to steal away his favorite toy,
But she has never heard of that boy

Sailing On …