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Titel Little Black Car
Komposition Bernd Baumgart, Michael Mann, 1991
Originalinterpret Rusty Nails, Waiting For Louise
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Info Text von Bernd, Musik von Bernd und Micha. Aus dem Rusty-Kracher der 80er wurde bei W4L eine banjo-getriebene Shuffle.

Gefundene Versionen
Interpret Titel Label/Jahr Platz
Rusty Nails "But Not The Blue Number" S.T.G., 1992
Waiting For Louise "Roadsongs For The Business Class" E=MC², 2010

In a little black car
In a small back street
There's a small black man
Sitting in the back seat
You know he's got neat cut,
Short black hair
He's a master in disguise
He could be anywhere

If he wants you he will find you
And your just as good as dead
Maybe he's right behind you
But you wouldn't notice that
You can cry you can pray
You can jump you can stay
You can run you can hide
You can even try to fight

He won't alert you
He's gonna thrill you
He won't hurt you
'Cause he's just gonna kill you

If he can he's gonna shoot you
If he can't he'll use a spell
You know some kind of voodoo
Evil powers from hell
He may be from another planet
He may not be from this world
And for all I know or care
This man could even be a girl

She won't alert you
She's gonna thrill you
She won't hurt you
'Cause she's just gonna kill you

He's a master in disguise and before you realize
He's gonna place you in front of a mirror and then
Kill you before your own eyes
He's gonna kill you