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Titel Son of a Preacher Man
Komposition John Hurley, Ronnie Wilkins, 1968
Originalinterpret Dusty Springfield
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Info Aretha Franklin famously rejected this song, only deciding to record it once she heard Springfield's version. Lyrically, it's clichéd, trite even. Good girl and equally good boy meet, sneak off, give in to each other: It's a Danielle Steele novel waiting to happen. But Springfield's quavering tenor is clear and warm enough to turn an underwritten character into an archetype, and it dissolves into the glistening guitars and hard-rolling horn riffs just perfectly. --Tom Breihan

Gefundene Versionen
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Dusty Springfield "Dusty In Memphis" Phillips, 1968
Jann Arden "Uncover Me" 2007